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Flashback 2 no longer on Atari site

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Once again, the public community provides better support than the manufacturer.


Wikipedia has links to the online manuals, which are still being hosted by Atari.com. I'll snag them now and ask Albert if they can be mirrored here at AtariAge.





No need to snag them, I wrote them and still have the originals. I'll talk to the guys over at Atari to see about hosting them at AtariHQ. My thoughts are though this is temporary anyways, and it'll be back up this summer. There's changes going on with their web architecture (that I'm not privy to discuss). The "current" architecture doesn't allow you to keep up the manuals without keeping it up as a vended product.

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I ended up getting 3 Flashback IIs from him and I am very happy with the Flashbacks as well as how carefully they were packed. If you are looking to get a Flashback II for playing or modding, igg1na http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?showuser=12511 is the guy to get them from.


I'm just waiting for him to mass produce to Adventure Toy Set(as seen in his avatar).

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