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Working on Atari History article on Jack Tramiel.. need help

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I am currently working on an Atari History article for Atari 7800.com, focusing on Jack Tramiel... basically explaining his bio, how he came into ownership of Atari, the good, the bad, and the ugly.


....However I'm running into a problem. It seems as all of the atari retrogamers I have spoken with (including myself) simply despise Jack Tramiel and his sons. This article comes down pretty harsh on the Tramiels, and I want to keep it balanced by offering the "Pro-Tramiel" point of view to keep things fair. I just can't find anybody with a "Pro-Tramiel" view, thats all.


So if any of you see the good in the Tramiels, or are willing to go on record to defend their business practices at Atari, please step forward and email me directly at AtariSuperhero@aol.com. You will recieve full credit in the article for your input.





Atari 7800.com

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Here are a few sites that might be of interest to you:












Hopefully you will find some useful information in one of these articles.


Best of luck :)

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