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Atari Age Members GamerCards (2011 update)


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I thought it might be nice to start a thread with all the known AA Gamercards.

In this way we will easily be able to see that a members Gamertag is active, what the tag is, and what their AtariAge name is. Not to mention what they have been playing recently.

Please just shoot me a PM if there are any mistakes, or if you would like your tag added....or removed!



AtariGeek.png 8bitclassics

IRON%20MAN%20XV.png 16-bit

dwarfmax.png 2600Lives

adonisminus20.png adonis_minus_20

Aika%20Innet.png aikainnet

Apok911.png Apok

atari%205200x.png Atari5200

AtariAger.png AtariAger

LeoAmes17.png Atariboy

zombiecraig.png BerzerkZombieBentley

Breakpack.png Breakpack

NightTrain85.png bretthorror

TEXAS%20Aggie%2005.png BTHOTU

WastingOrpheus.png Buyatari

REAL%20CAFEMAN.png Cafeman

CebusCapucinis.png Cebus Capucinis

neon360.png Clint Thompson

Clock.png Clock

cybercylon.png cybercylon

CT%20Model.png dalton4life

Digital%20Press.png digitalpress


eldunko.png eldunko


Famicoman.png Famicoman

tifosiotaku.png ferrarimanf355

Flojomojo.png Flojomojo

Tantrum%20Blue.png Foxy Cleopatra

BixbySnyder.png Ghost Soldier

Edstu234.png Giltygear

hammr25.png HammR25

hex0016.png hex65000

HuckleCat.png HuckleCat

hIperEye.png Hyper_Eye

ironmonger05.png IronMongeR

JMax19.png J.Max

albinon05.png javiero

Jibbajaba.png Jibbajaba

Karyyk.png Karyyk

lefty%20hooligan.png Kepone

kirkjerk.png kisrael

Uncle%20Tang.png kmcclarnon

Krazy%20Pengwin.png Pengwin

LanerGT.png Laner

Larcen%20Tyler.png LarcenTyler

The%20Praxis.png Lastblade

legeek2112.png legeek






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xL0RD%20HELMETx.png Lord Helmet

madmax2069.png madmax2069

MajorHavoc%202049.png Major Havoc 2049

MalcSeventyFour.png Malc74

TheMegaManFan.png MegaManFan

Metal%20Ghost.png Metal Ghost

moycon.png moycon

Atari26003.png MrAtari2600

n8littlefield.png n8littlefield

Barric4de.png Nall3k

N3146.png NE146

Nonner242.png nonner242

onlysublime.png onlysublime

DixieWhiskey81.png PressureCooker2600

CplNobby.png remowilliams

NWCGE.png Rick Weis

Bozechubby70.png RickHarrisMaine

Pip%20Boy%209000.png rsiddall

Rxdiaz.png rxd

Rx%20Rated.png RxRated

MightyMango.png s1lence

MorbidBURP.png Sauron

GM80.png SomeGuyWithDSL

sonic%20r%200.png Sonic R

SoulBlazer07.png SoulBlazer

Bl1tzw1ng.png Starscream

StormSurge.png StormSurge

Tempest%202084.png Tempest

Beets.png therealred5

DaiiAbolical.png Tickled_Pink

Gambr1nus.png TuzenTCA

Ubersaurus.png ubersaurus

vbmasta.png vb_master

Atari26003.png VintageGameCollectorKid

Wntermute.png Wntermute

xenomorpher.png xenomorpher

yuppicide1138.png yuppicide

Abstract%20Zero.png Ze_ro

Zeptari.png Zeptari1

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I still need to figure out how to add a custom avatar.


I think you need the camera, I haven't tried it out yet, but I've been meaning too.

Has anyone else been able to make a custom gamer pic?

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