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Drag Racing 2600

Atarius Maximus

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This is an attempt to make a 3D drag racing game with gameplay similar to Activision's dragster. I guess I've been in the mood for racing games lately. ;) The game is complete, although I'm sure they'll be things I'd like to add later.


You start off in the staging area, with a traffic light on each side of you. Wait for the light to go from red to yellow to green, and smash the throttle. Hit the throttle too early, and you'll get a false start and have to begin again. It's a manual transmission, so don't forget to shift by pushing the joystick left - if you bury the tachometer in the red you'll blow your engine. Just like Dragster, keep pushing left to switch gears, there are 5 in all. The gear you are currently in is displayed on the top of the screen, along with your current elapsed time. Try to keep the revs as close to or just barely into the red zone of the tachomter to get the best times. Once you've finished the race, push down on the joystick to start over and re-enter the staging area.


If you do nothing, you'll reach the end of the drag strip in 15.99 seconds, and the race will end. If you have a false start or blow your engine, push down on the joystick to start over.


Also, there is no title screen, so the staging light starts the countdown to green as soon as you start the game. Hit reset to start the countdown over when you're on that screen. The screenshots below are several shots pasted together due to flicker. There are 7 sprites on the screen during the race, so the code quickly switches between several to get them all turned on at the same time. I wish I had more, even 7 didn't let me put everything on the screen that I wanted to.







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I've been working on trying to figure out how to include some real asm into my bB games - I'd really like to be able to make a pure asm game eventually. Using code examples I found on the internet (some from my own site, bjars.com ;) ) I was able to include a high resolution multicolored title screen on the Drag Racing game. It turned out great -- it's almost disappointing to start the actual game after looking at the titlescreen now. It's really motivating me to keep trying to figure out how to actually code a game instead of relying on bB - although I abslolutely love bB!


Hopefully this will assist someone else in creating a pure asm title for their game too - the code could probably be cut and pasted into any game, all you'd have to do is modify the pfdata and the pfcolors. I used Kirk Israel's playfield pal tool on his alienbill.com website to help me create the image. I then just experimented with the colors until I thought it looked cool.


There are no sprites at all on the titlescreen, just the image. I haven't figured out yet how to make a sprite appear on the screen in asm, it's really hard to find good, well explained examples. If you have the time, Mike (SeaGtGruff), I'd love it if you could show me a simple way to add a sprite so I can include a title for the game on that screen. In the meantime, I'm still working on browsing through asm code examples to try and figure it out myself.


Just hit the fire button on the titlescreen and the drag race game will start up, no other changes were made to the game.






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