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You won't believe what I'm looking for...

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Super Mario Bros.



Yes, the Super Mario Bros. that, when Funco Land was still selling NES games, went for only a penny, as well as the 2-in-1 cartridges with Duck Hunt, and the 3-in-1 cartridges with Duck Hunt and World Class Track Meet. I lost my copies (had a regular one and a 3-in-1,) and I'm desperate to play it again.


Does anyone have any spare copies they'd like to sell/trade to me?

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I lost my copy of Super Mario 64 and have been looking for one. I saw a copy at the local flee market and they wanted 25 dollars. I thought that I could find a copy for a dollar or something. I hate when you lose games..


I was in a Game Crazy store the other day and they had Genesis, NES, SNES, and N64 in a big "Classic Plastic" basket for 3/$10. Didn't look at any of the N64 games, but there were plenty. I picked up some SNES carts for myself. This was the store in West Hartford; don't know of the others have the same thing but it may be worth checking out.

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Oh WTF who tries to ask for trade or money for a copy of SMB. What's he going to give you, half a Combat? A warm piece of Starburst from his pocket? Just give him a copy, hell give him five, it's hard to believe we don't all have at least 5 copies of SMB.


I'll bring one along to the next meet and you can have it if you haven't found one by then.

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