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APF TV Fun Pong?

King Atari

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Not exactly Atari Pong, but you gotta love it's generic-ness. Does anyone have any info on this particular Pong model? I've heard it was released in '76 (sweeeeet!), and it has variations like Baseball. Can anyone share anything they know about this system? Anything would be greatly appreciated.

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APF stands for Al & Phil Friedman. I believe you are speaking of one of the TV Fun models. There are several variations:


402 - pill bottle shaped controllers and a lightgun

405 - detachable cont., rectangular shaped console

406 - round paddles




They also made the M1000 (models MP-1000A, MPA-10) and the Imagination machine. I'm not sure if these are one and the same.

Which are highly sought after.


Sears had versions with their "Tele-games" logo on the consoles in the 400 series.


I'm no expert but this is what I've gathered so far. I really didn't do much research on them. I was curious about them myself because I own a 402 without the accessories.

Hope it helps you a little at least.

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If you want one of these beasts I have two of the 401A models. I know one works - the other I'd have to hook up and test. I'd trade for a cart or two for the 5200 or 7800 if you happen to have something I don't. Email if interested...



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Actually, I've got one coming in the mail. I can't tell what model it is from the picture (it's from ebay), but it's the woodgrain one, with the six switches on the top. I put "APF TV fun" into a search engine, and apparently this could be the first version, or the one with the light gun (though mine isn't coming with the gun, who knows if it was lost or whatever). I think the system actually looks cooler than Atari PONG (one of the reasons I bought it), with that oh-so-70's woodgrain and paddles right on the system.

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When I was a young boy (14 years old), my mother gives to me an APF TV FUN model 402. Today, I still have!

Four players, color, pistol games, still work!

I have the original Owner's manual, too.

Old times, the best times...


See the pic: (copy and paste, try it).


¡Jugar PONG era lo máximo!


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The longest duration between consecutive posts that I have seen at AtariAge is in this thread, at about 7 years, 8 months. It's particularly jarring because the revival post was not actually on topic; it cited something which did not exist yet at the time of the original topic discussion (which was really about systems dating from before 20 years ago).



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