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NES High Score Club 2nd Season Week #12 - Bomberman 2


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You just can't have too much fun with explosives, can you? Well, get out of your jeep and get personal! Yes, it's time for Bomberman 2!


Post a score and let's get this thing rolling! Play "Normal Mode" and, please, only games played from the beginning will count: no continuing!


Please post any tips you may have - best tip gets 1 bonus point!


And if anyone has a link to the manual, please post it.


This week's competition ends next Tuesday (May 29) morning at approximately 8:00 am PST.


This week's standings:


125,500 8th lutz (+10 pts)

54,600 vdub_bobby (+8 pts + 1 pt for best (only) tip)

29,100 gdement (+6 pts)



Twin Galaxies High Scores





Overall standings:


1. vdub_bobby (66 pts)

2. rjchamp3 (54 pts)

3. bust3dstr8 (49 pts)

4. LarcenTyler (32 pts)

5. gdement (31 pts)

6. 8th lutz (29 pts)

7. MetalSlime23 (25 pts)

8. Cybergoth (12 pts)

9. duncantoml (10 pts)

10. kevincal (9 pts)

11. Slayer (8 pts)

12. Bucket (7 pts)

13. Jibbajaba (6 pts)



Game Info


Developed for the NES by Hudson Soft in 1991.


Other platforms: None.


Prequels/sequels/spinoffs: Many. A few: Bomberman (Game Boy Advance, MSX, NES, TurboGrafx-16 - 1983 and Amiga, Atari ST, DOS, TurboGrafx-16 - 1990), Bomberman (coin-op - 1991), etc.






Get lots of points by bombing the exit and then the enemies that come out of it. Just don't free so many that you can't kill them all before your time runs out!
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This is a fun game when you get the hang of it. Yet it still makes me feel like an idiot. :)

I find that the beginning of a new level is pretty scary. The game just sets you up sometimes where you have almost no way to defend yourself.




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