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There is a file missing from the 1.0 zip, concastenate.exe or something like that. I went through a lot of trouble to download 1.0 and used my last cd-r to burn in and take it home. It seems like a lot of people have downloaded 1.0 and used it, am I just nuts? the .bat that compiles .bin's executes this concastenate file that is missing, and nothing will compile for me without it.




Ok, I read up on 2600ide + BB 1.0 in the release thread, and it says to copy 2600bas.bat to 2600baside.bat

Will this fix it, and make concastenate.exe unnecessary? I'd really like to figure this out before I go home.

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Anyone, please? I've already stayed way longer than I should, but I really want to get this figured out! :(

Probably is 2600baside.bat. concatenate.exe doesn't exist (the file is now called postprocess.exe) so the 2600baside.bat is likely the version that comes with 2600ide.

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