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Haunted House II 3-D Label Contest

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/features/contests/HauntedHouse/index.htmlIt's been a while since our last label design contest, so we're happy to announce a new contest! This time the game needing a label is John Swiderski's Haunted House II 3-D, an Atari 5200 sequel to the popular Atari 2600 game Haunted House. The winning label will adorn copies of Haunted House II 3-D sold at the Classic Gaming Expo in August. The winner will receive a copy of the game without having to fight the crowds at CGE for it! For details on how to enter the contest, please visit the Haunted House II 3-D Label Contest page. Good luck!!
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You name will be featured on the label and Instruction manual if we do one. Also the box if we ever made a box in the future. For the show there will be no box but demand has been pretty high. we might make a box in the future.





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WOW! no entries even yet. Is anyone else in the works out there?

Hey, it takes a while to get all the props together. Also, 300DPI and a 266MMX with 64MB of RAM don't mix very well. Now I need some batteries for my second entry...




Anyone got some Red-Blue 3D glasses drifting around?

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Wow Cameron, nice label.  Is that your house?


Thanks! The house isn't mine...it's just a random big house near my very small apartment :(


The ghost-girl is my friend Alison dressed as a geisha for Halloween a few years ago (with her eye tweaked a little--she's not that spooky in real life).



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This is Pamela, John's wife, the maker of this game. I am so impressed with all the labels that have been submitted! It is beyond my expectations, not that I am into it like John or you all.... They are all wonderful and very creative.... an look like a lot of work ! :)


Please know that we appreciate them all, and it is going to be "very" hard to pick just one. ( I think John should make several more games so that everyone of you has a game to label ) :D


(Oops, better not let John see this).... :ponder: :wink:


I just wanted to say, "Thank You" all so much for your hard work. I am really enjoying this ....



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