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The 70s Games: What Games Would Had Been Made from the 70s


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Now that our old Atari VCS had turn 30th this year I think its time to go back and see what if Atari was cranking out many games using the 1970s theme from Blockbuster Movies, Cult Filmes, TV Shows and even Rock Songs. Here are some of the labels I made if Atari was making them from 1977 to 1979.


Heres the first sets...



a26airport1975ic1.th.jpg a26airport1977dr7.th.jpg a26airport1979br2.th.jpg a26alienfa8.th.jpg a26battlestargalacticavy7.th.jpg



a26closeencountersofthevw6.th.jpg a26deathrace2000xv4.th.jpg a26deliverancebw9.th.jpg a26diamondsareforeverug2.th.jpg a26doctorwhoxk4.th.jpg

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Cool covers. Don't forget games for kids. Disney had some great kid movies in the 70s. How about Escape from Witch Mountain, Return to Witch Mountain, and even the Apple Dumpling Gang. You have to have a Rocky game, Dirty Harry game, a Scarface, and a Godfather game.


Who is the actress on the Deathrace 2000 cover. She wants me.

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Those are all great. Makes me wish all of those really existed, especially Logan's Run, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Close Encounters and The Poseidon Adventure, which are still some of my top favorite movies/shows. (Yes, I'm aware of the actual Star Wars games that were made but I want more. :P )


To answer the question above, the beautiful blond in Deathrace 2000 is Simone Griffeth.



I think it's an amazing feat of chronometric manipulation that the Moonraker game came out a full two years before the movie made it's debut. :D

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awesome :cool:


logans run is my fav. i like deathrace 2000. very cool


you have much talent and vision :)


edit: didn't see deathrace 2000 in there at first. forgive me! i just woke up!

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I wonder what the "squeal like a pig" level on Deliverance is like... :roll:



I knew it was only a matter of time until someone brought that up. I really don't feel the world needs another Mystique type VCS game. :D

It's a shame that that one scene seems to be the only thing most people seem to remember that movie by. I have to admit to that being the first thing that popped into my head as well when I seen the cart image. What can you do I suppose? That sort of thing has a tendency to permanently burn it's image into ones mind. :o

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Nice labels.


Let me know when the games are ready.


Well, we do have King Kong by Tigervision, Towering Inferno from US Games, a Doctor Who hack, a Deathrace hack from a while back, plus my Death Derby WIP if you want to consider that. And of course there already IS an Alien (from Fox).



Excellent work on these covers, but one thing that kind of bugs me is the knee-jerk thing we think about in game ideas is adapting movies and tv-shows. When you look at the 2600 catalog, the vast majority of games were purely that, games, which is as it should be. Games from movies usually suck and are better done on modern platforms anyway. There are exceptions, of course. There was a thread a while back about making a Logan's Run game, and I think that has a lot of potential since it's just one long chase.

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Does anyone remember many moons ago of a silver label Atari 2600 "Three's Company" game? I thought that was the funniest thing ever. One of my April Fool's prank ideas was to make fake screenshots(& crude music) of a Three's Company proto I 'found', and watch everyone go nuts. I never got around to making it, but I had the screenshots in my head. It would have involved the main 'shot' of the apartment, and you're jack tripper going back & forth among the cast members, paying attention to them.


The Death Race 2000 cart artwork looks exactly like the regular Atari artwork we're used to for carts & instruction manuals. Seamless!


If you look at all the said beautiful carts in this thread, one could easily brainstorm a game easily for each one. Of course, the Death Race 2000 port would be an easy port from the arcade game of the 70s.


* - Posiedon Adventure would be a Keystone-Cops like game but would involve flooding water, and the levels of course would be an upside-down cruise ship. Hop over chandiliers!


* - All the Airport games would be crude air-traffic control games, or something.\


* - BattleStar galactica- simple shoot 'em up


* - The Warriors- wait, that one's already made for PS2 :)


* - Doctor Who , hmm , good question. games were already made in a DW flavor tho.

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How about a "PHANTASM",OR "SALEM'S LOT",2600 GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Just the label art would have been great for those!There aren't enough horror games out there.

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man, id love to see the black hole on the 2600 :) so many parts of that movie would make for compelling gaming...avoid getting sucked into the black hole. land the palimino on the 'derelict' cygnus. survival horror style explore the 'empty ship' until you awake the survivors. dodge the meteors on the catwalk! rescue kate from vacuum in the green house! out shoot star to short circuit him and save old bob! hold back maximillian so he doesn't dice your friends! guide the probe correctly into the black hole or get crushed! (of course, make sure these are in the right plot order, this is just coming from my crusty ol memeory. im sure there is more :-) )

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