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FB2 Cartridge/Controller Compatibility List

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(Note: I'm not talking about another thread where you have to fish through a bunch of messages or a photo of the carts to figure out what is compatible.)


It would be awesome if someone could create and host an FB2/FB2 portable cartridge and controller compatibility list, similar to this but with compatibility testing info:



Considering Atariage already has comprehensive lists of cartridges and controllers, I think it would be a great place to do this.


The goal would be to show compatibility with FB2- something like:

* controller/cartridge name and info

* compatibility (yes, partial (playable), partial (mostly playable), no (not playable), unknown)

* rev of FB2

* who tested it

* comments


Then there could be a form for anyone to submit info on compatibility.


I agree that some of the data would be flawed because:

* Some people hacked their FB2 in a way that caused some games to be incompatible

* Some cartridges tested were not functioning correctly

* There will probably be a difference in the way carts were supported by hacked FB2's compared to the usb loaded games in the FB2 portable


However, with enough data from different people these issues should go away (for example: if 5 people say a cart works, there is a good chance it really works, and conversely if 5 people say it doesn't work then it probably doesn't).


I would volunteer time to help develop the code for it if needed.

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