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Okay, so what do YOU think they're worth?


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If these auctions don't sell for near what I'd like, then I'll be listing all of these individually with no reserves. However, I would like to know what y'all think these are actually worth. I'm not talking about finding them 'in the wild' but rather selling them to collectors that need them.


Here is a link to my auctions. Of course I'm only asking opinions on the Atari stuff. ;)




Thanks in advance for any help.





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Mr. Retro - actually, the seller CAN make the reserve different than the B.I.N price - they aren't the same thing. For example - I would LIKE to sell something for 150.00 - so I put that as the buy it price - however, I'll TAKE 100.00 for it - so that's my reserve...

Anyway, to stay on the first topic - what do I think they are worth. Well, dunno! As I was perusing your auction here, I was secretly wanting them all - but happy that they barn containing my original "aracade style" atari store display unit burned down (!) - yes, as strange as that sounds - 'cause I know if I had that thing here, I'd want to FILL IT UP with boxed atari games - and if I started down that path - well, I'd never eat again. But good luck with your auction - I hope you at least make your money back - and I feel your pain at having to sell it off in the first place!

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Mr. Retro - actually, the seller CAN make the reserve different than the B.I.N price - they aren't the same thing.


I know they CAN, but in his auctions (the few I looked at) he stated the BIN =the reserve, so what's the use in bidding low knowing that you can't possibly win it anyway??? :?

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WHY?? well... this don't always happen but once in a while the seller will sell them if it don't make the reserve!! now this may not happen here on this auction!! but you never know.... also "sometimes"

if it don't meet the reserve! you might be able to deal with the seller for part of the auction!! example if it's a "lot" auction (like this one) and the auction don't hit the reserve and you are JUST interested in a few of the items you can maybe work a deal that way!!


BTW:(this does happen from time to time!!) ;P


Take care,



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Hi Chip to answer you question!!

on the atari 2600 stuff, I think the single items that you have up for auction some are WAY out of line! (if you ask me) the atari gatefold games (50.00) yikes!! the rest single items are ok!! (for collectors!! "i think!!") but most colectors may have these already!!


on your "lot" auctions maybe a fair price if you break it down per item but most "collectors" will not need all items!! (lot auctions= lower income for what they are "worth" for an auction!!)


Take care, and good luck with your auctions!!





PS: did you get my personal message i sent you? :)

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