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Need some help please


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As some of you might know, I've been working on a bB version of the Tron arcade game. I made a, we'll call it a beta version, and asked for feedback. One of the things mentioned was how jerky the light cycle game is, so I've been trying for a few weeks, hell, actually it's more like a couple of months now, to make a good light cycle game.


Yesterday I made a basic light cycle test program where I'm very, very close to having a decent light cycle routine. The light trace is made up of playfield pixels appearing behind the cycle as it drives. What I've settled on for a crash test is to place a missile at the front end of the cycle and test for a missile/playfield collision (see if a playfield pixel is right in front of where the cycle is headed towards).


I need the front of the cycle to be clear, like in the first pic, since having what you see in the second pic will lead to a false crash. Moving the cycle up, left, and right is fine. But I can't move it down with the playfield pixels being drawn past the car. So, any help with the code I'm posting would be most appreciated. Thank you.


P.S. Things work fine if I have the cycle move 8 pixels up/down/left/right, but that makes it move too fast and is part of the reason why the cycle movement was jerkey the last time.


Cycle going up, light trace is fine..Cycle going down, light trace going past the cycle




Edited to correct spelling error.

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Holly crap, I think I got it. I changed b = (player0y-3)/8 to b = (player0y-6)/8 when the cycle is driving down and it seems to work.

Finally, after a couple of months, I finally did it. I can finally move forward with this game. (Did I say finally enough times? :) )

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