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jetpac port for a8


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Color indicator fuel could be repaired with sprite overlay.

It's a nice porting. But i think these sprites routine should be optimized to gain speed, Atari version looks a little slowly in comparison with Spec version.


However, good work a nice classic in our collection!

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Color indicator fuel could be repaired with sprite overlay.


How exactly do sprite overlays work? Do you overlay an exact graphic over the object, in the same shape, just with different colours, or can you just create a block that changes the colour of everything beneath it?

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FYI: All the latest works were executed to speed-up the gameplay. Jetpac is ready itself for some time, now we will add some music/FX and gfx-improvements.


It should be released till the end of August.

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There are several things to collect in game (except rocket fuel). In the original they can be collected for points. In this version they will load your oxygen and laser gauges. Well, you will see.


Sounds interesting. Does this mean that we will need to keep these topped up to breath and shoot the aliens?

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The "clou" is to invert the screen data and having the common (base) colours at the darkest level

The (moving) object can have 7 different luminances then, and ofcourse, one out of 16 colours.

The "overhead" pixel of the Players is then almost a "dither pixel" that helps on showing the colours on a TV set.

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Hi emkay,


Could you please rephrase the last post? I had difficulty following the technique you were describing here...


Are you running in Antic 4 (or raster mode $e)? or in Antic 2 (or raster mode $f)? It sounds like you are suggesting using maximum wide players under an inverted character/raster mask. If this is what you are doing, won't only players 2 and 3 be available at this level (since players 0 and 1 will overlay in prior 0 mode)?


Maybe you could post the G2F file (if that is what you have used) to make things more clear.



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