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jetpac port for a8


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a non seriours comment being in the game biz for years... I want to see more "original IP and franchises" to appear and not games we already know for years... ;) just kidding.


ghost 'n goblins is still a missing game in the atari library.... and i am sure there are more z80 ones... even if we are going for Elite!... ;)

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I've just played this latest release on Atari800MacX. Being a BIG fan of the original, I only have one thing to say...WELL DONE!! This is an awesome conversion. I am going to give this a thorough work out and I know, already, I am going to enjoy every minute of it.

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Sadly, it's not a part of the ABBUC Contest.

Firstly I thought you guys only show the videos, because of the contest rules.

It would have been my favorite there.


OK. It uses only 32 Byte width and not my "wanted" POKEY usage, but it is a good hires solution and the music fits well.


Good work, really.

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Played it a bit so far and really don't like the new gauges in the slightest. Spent half of level 3 with no laser power and it was giving me close to nothing so i couldn't even collect to force things along to get more ammo. Really ruins the game for me, sorry.

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