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Where can I find a book on MC68000 Assembler programming?

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If you've never done any ASM programming before, I do not recommend the 68k as a starting processor, instead, go for 8088.


UGH! Speaking as someone who can program in 680x0, Z80, Z180/HD64180, 8088/x86, 6502, 6809, 65816, Signetics 2650, PIC, ARM, and PowerPC assembler, I can safely say that 8088 is not a good choice simply because it is so utterly horrible.


68000 really is one of the nicest form of Assembler there is. Admittedly, my main computer is 68060 based (an Amiga), but there are plenty of 68000 development environments, including emulators with step-over etc. available for windows.


There are also many tutorials on the internet.


Yeah I agree too... I hate when people make this statement that you should "start on ___________ (<- insert random 8-bit CPU here)". If that was the true case, then start with a 6502 or 6809, not 8088 (laughs in head)! Assembly language with the 680x0 family is very well balanced and easy to learn with, even absolute beginners should have no problem.

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I decided to tackle making a game for the Atari Jaguar so when I went to a jaguar programming site, it said that you really need to know the MC68000 Assembler. Where can I find a book on this subject? This would be greatly appreciated! :D


Save yourself some time. Use the 68k C compiler to get the system setup(and the incuded assembly startup lib files)

but learn the J-RISC processor assembly. That is where the machines power is. If you are only worried about simple

2D games, the 68k C compiler is plenty efficient and will make your life much simpler. But if you want to pu the pedal

to the metal, Learn the J-RISC's as they are only 64 instructions and rather simple. Why folks are so afraid of these

processors, I'll never understand. If I can learn it on my own, anyone can...really.

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I learned 68000 asm in a week thanks to 68000 Assembly Language by Glentop Publishing. That was after struggling to understand 6502 because I had the (in)famous book by Lance A. Leventhal which, by comparison, was more likely to appeal to existing software engineers or university lecturers. Because of what I learned from the Glentop book I was able to pick up the Leventhal book and learn 6502 the following week.icon_smile.gif

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Has this section just been move to the main Jaguar forum or have I just missed all these years?


As someone has already states look in your local library also check out local bookshop, secondhand bookshops might be better than new but considering the age of the MC68000 as it is always useful to skim a technical book first before you by it as depending on the authors style you may find one author easier to understand than than the others.


I personally went for "The Motorola MC68000. An introduction to the Processor, Memory and Interfacing by Jean Bacon", ISBN 0-13-604109-4. A lot of the sample code is derected to a specific development system and so can not be used verbatum but can be read to get an idea of what is happening and how to code, also while it explains the Stack quite well the examples use the ORG directive and MadMac/Smac appears to allow the ORG driective for the GPU only so you will have to take a slightly different approach to using the 68000 stack.

Having said that the explanations of instructions and loops like For-Next and While Wend are easy to understand and can be used straight out of the book.

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