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Help on Breakout-style game


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I've been working all night to get this thing to work, and it won't work properly. If you watch the demo, the ball (which is missile1) won't get rid of the pfblocks right. (never mind the name, it's actually Breakout.) Help!



Your ball is 2 pixels by 2 pixels, so it is made up of 4 pixels any of which can be detected as colliding with the PF graphics. Your mathematical check after the fact only looks at one of the 4 pixels that may have collided. So if the pixel that actually collided is not the pixel you are checking, then you get the behavior you are seeing.


A hardware collision does not guarantee a block was hit. You may wish to change which of the 4 pixels you check depending on the direction the ball is traveling. Map that pixel to the screen PD coordinates and then read that PF block to make sure it is still on. If it isn't on, then one of the ignorable pixels of the ball is what caused the hardware collision detection.



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