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Do UK Jaguar systems work on USA TV SETS?


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I want to know if a PAL Jaguar System will work over here in the USA?


I am considering a trade for a Jag System from England and I need to know if it will work on my TV. And if the US Jaguar games will work on the PAL system?


Your help is appreciated :)


Skywalker.................. :P


Oh yeah this is the international board............ Well this is all I know "DomoArigatou Gozaimatsu" :!: :!: :!:

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Unless you have a PAL television, you're not going to able to use the Jaguar on your NTSC television. You might be able to modify the Jaguar so that it'll work, there is some info in the Jaguar FAQ that explains what the differences are between NTSC and PAL Jaguars. Also, you would need a US power supply. Jaguar software will work fine in either PAL or NTSC Jaguars.



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Actaully there's a hardware jumper that you can desolder in the Jaguar to make it NTSC or PAL system. To convert would require modifying this jumper and getting a US power supply.


There have been people in the UK and Germany who've added NTSC/PAL switches to their Jaguar so they can test their game code on the different formats. Getting the screen settings correct to work in the two different systems can be tough.


But to confirm this I would ask in the Jaguar forum and check there. Or do a search at google.com or www.atari-jaguar64.de.

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