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Rotating Player Sprite Definitions

Fort Apocalypse

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I was having a hard time trying to figure out how to rotate my player definition 22.5 degrees and found this page that describes a decent way to rotate "pixel art" (in this case, player sprite definitions):



Basically the idea is to do the following (I used Paint Shop Pro, but other apps probably work just as well or better):

1 ) Create a canvas of the size of the player

2 ) Zoom in a lot

3 ) Use a 1 pixel paint brush to create the image (and make sure your foreground and background are right color before rotate)

4 ) Increase the size a lot (1000%)

5 ) Rotate it

6 ) Crop it (doesn't have to be same proportional, just crop it as tight as you can)

7 ) Resize it back to the original size (and zoom in)

8 ) Look at the picture and make the player sprite definition look like it


This wasn't perfect, but was close enough. Note that playerpal 2 has 90 degree rotation ability already. It just doesn't have 22.5 and 45 degree rotation.

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