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Players 1-5 the same


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Suppose I want players 1-5 the same. How would I go about doing this without addressing each player individually? (I tried searching for it, but came up with nothing. Apparently, the search function doesn't like the terms "players 1-5".)

You'll need to move the players separately, of course, and their colors, sizes, number of copies, and reflection flags, but if you want them to use the same *graphics* shapes without having to define them five times, you can just define the first player, and then copy that player's pointers and height to the other players:



  player2pointerlo = player1pointerlo
  player2pointerhi = player1pointerhi
  player2height = player1height

  player3pointerlo = player1pointerlo
  player3pointerhi = player1pointerhi
  player3height = player1height

  player4pointerlo = player1pointerlo
  player4pointerhi = player1pointerhi
  player4height = player1height

  player5pointerlo = player1pointerlo
  player5pointerhi = player1pointerhi
  player5height = player1height

I think those are the correct variable names. Also, you might want to check RobertM's blog, because he raised this same issue in his blog, and batari posted a comment that shows how to do this with a loop, which could save a little ROM.



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