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new sears 2600 catalog found


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i got quite a surprise this week when i opened a box of games i won on ebay. part of the paperwork included was a sears mailer/catalog for sears AND ACTIVISION games available from sears. the front page says:


13 new-at-Sears

Game Cartridges

by Activision


inside are listed for sale, 13 of the first 14 activision titles. the only one not listed is Checkers. why not? because here are the eight sears titles listed for sale:


dodger cars, speedway II, checkers, chess, backgammon, othello, baseball, football.


of course, sears wanted you to buy the sears version of checkers and not the activision version.


this is also the only place i have seen sears video chess officially referred to as "chess". i have seen sears "chess" listed in several cartridge lists (such as older Digital Press guides), but have never heard that anyone had ever seen a cartridge with that label. maybe this catalog is the origin that game "rumor". or maybe some more full-size sears catalog referred to the game as "chess" rather that "video chess".


unfortunately, you had to respond by june 30th, 1982, so the sale offers have long since expired :ponder:

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because if i scan it, someone will make a fake ebay listing of it :twisted:


i don't own a scanner. i'll make a photo and post it, but that won't be high enough resolution to include on atariage.


what is a cheap scanner that will give high enough quality for atariage purposes??

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