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Anyone interested in a file version of Atari Logo?


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DISREGARD LAST TWO FILES... THEY CRASH!!! Sorry guys... :roll:


I'm a little disappointed by this setback... I'm trying to, in my spare spare time (wizardry occupies my spare time) to make a single density file-erized language disk. Mac/65, QuickASM, InterLISP/65, OSS Basic A+, and MS-BASIC are on it so far, all packed and running on SpartaDOS. LOGO would have been added today if not for my blatant stupidity... Sure it loads nice, but try to enter more than two commands and it crashes...

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I jumped the gun a bit...


I wasn't to happy with how the screen turned all ugly while depacking... Here's my fixed final cut...


Eh... I can be wrong... but I'm a little sure I already had a file version of LOGO somewhere...


I'll check it out



I already have a file version of Logo, Lisp and Pilot here: pgmlang.atr.gz


PILOT isn't XL/XE compatible. I had one that was back-in-the-day when I bought the pilot cart and took it up to the guru up the road and watched while he file-erized it, that was when I learned about $a000-$bfff being an 8k carts address range. He just did a save binary from a dos II menu and then wrote a little bootstrap in mac65. Did it all in about 10 minutes. Wish I still had that disk. All my original 8bit stuff went to him and another neighbor when I upgraded to a sixteen/thirty-two. Now it's a matter of rebuilding what I had...

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