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we need a meet

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And Christian, if you're planning a meet, try not to make it right before or after Easter weekend, since Easter weekend is AnimeBoston 2008, and that will leave me financially drained no doubt.



Why exactly does going to Christian's cost you a bunch of money?


I think he means the money he usually spends on games. I know he is usually drops a bit of dough at these meets.


Precisely. I've got like over $500 saved for AnimeBoston this year. Last year I had just $500, this year I'm hoping for more.


But once that's over I'll try saving some for our next meet.

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I know there isn't a meeting time locked down or anything, but, can I suggest at the next meeting we watch King of Kong: A Fist Full of Quarters. ( or have it playing on the side or something ) I totally thought that movie was crazy. ( although one sided )

Agreed! That would be fantastic. Whens the DVD coming out?

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I haven't sold anything, no plans to. At this point in my life with 3 kids I have neither the time to hunt or the space to display my collection (toddlers eat carts). I'm hoping in a year or two the kids will be more manageable and I'll be able to get back into the hobby full scale - perhaps a basement arcade of my own. As it is right now I have plenty of space to store the collection, if not enjoy it. The thing I miss most is the hunt, four or five years ago I had a group of game collecting friends and a seemingly endless stream of finds. Now most people have moved away or slowed down too, and theres hardly anything out there to find.

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