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The continuing adventures of Pitfall Hairy!


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more adventure please  8)   8)  8)


Hee hee, thanks for bumping up this topic, it's disgustingly funny, I didn't know about it since I only came on a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully more can be made, but I don't know how busy the creator is. With all the Atari 2600 characters possible it should keep the material going for quite a while, but then again, you can have what you think is a lot of ideas and then it only produces a handful of strips.

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Very funny I say, I used to do a similar thing at work, but not with atari characters, I should have though, damn it.


I like how in the last frame you sort of wrap it up with a character that has nothing really to do with the joke...but he kinda does in an odd kind of way....


I am reading too much into this.

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"Hand full of sheet"




This reminds of an incident back in high school with an exchange student from Italy. Me and a couple guys were hanging out after school and the student was showing some pictures of his Italian family. One was a picture of his sister on the beach.


This guy walks up to the group and sees the picture from a distance.


Guy: "Hey, is that a picture of a nude beach?"


The Exchange student grabs the guy's shirt, pulls him close and says, "That is my sister. You do not call her that."



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