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The continuing adventures of Pitfall Hairy!


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Wow!! Hmmmm Im sorry Inky I missed your first request. I guess I've been WAAAAY too busy at work lately.

(Damn VPN!!)

I'll make it a point to brainstorm this week-end.


Sad story, many of the old comix are gone for good.

I didnt pay the fee for an old host site I was using and they were lost along with almost all the old "What Could Have Been" MOC screen shots.

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Nope, now stop it.


This thread has gotten too silly. It started out fine, with a nice little pun on the name of a popular 2600 character.


But now we've got witches flying in the desert and talking bolgna sandwiches.


Just too silly.


Moderator, when I give you the order, I want you to lock the thread.


Moderator. . .[EDIT-MOD]

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