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What's with Brazilians and lots of 3?


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I only have a few Brazillian 2600 games, and would love to have some more. Why is it that they always appear on Ebay as 20 different auctions of 3 games? I would gladly pay extra to win one big lot and just pay one shipping charge, but I don't want to bid on one tiny lot and not win the others. I've never seen a lot of more than 5 games! Is this just my American need to have everything BIG?

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It's probably a weight thing. When your main market is international, you learn to bundle together small items to just fit under the limit of the smallest parcel weight range. Cart, box and manuals for three games probably just fits under 250g or 500g. Six carts (no box, etc) comes in just under one of those -- so close it's hard to pack.

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