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Don't everyone bid at once or anything.......


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Well, I tried too; to help out this moron. This is the e-mail I received in return for trying to point someone in the right direction:



You know what,


I would not sell it to a fucking living at home with your mother loser like you if you bid thousands of dollars. So I hope that you do grow up enough to finally stop having your mother set you up on dates and you can do something other than flap your useless lips


Better than you shall ever aspire to be,





This person doesn't even know me and makes these silly comments ??!! I do believe he has a severe mental condition.

And I to was going to bid like $51 dollars and got to thinking, what if the reserve is just over $50 ? I'd get stuck and this wacko would get the last laugh, so I didn't place a bid. I guess it takes all kinds, but this is at the extreme end of the curve :) !


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Sylentwulf did bid on his stuff, and so did some others (dunno if it's someone from here or from the Digital Press board, or both). Hopefully, no one will actually bid above the reserve level by accident (I wouldn't dare trying bidding on it, just in case...). Anyway, as fun as the rigging goes, it still gives that guy the impression that someone's seriously interested and that he is right to set such high prices.


One thing's for sure: he does show signs of being an asshole.

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What is up with this moron? Does he have his head so deep in the sand that he can no longer listen to NUMEROUS nudges and research his item a bit further. It will save him a lot of ridicule and cash. But since he refuses to do anything, he pretty much deserves what you are giving him.


What a maroon. :twisted:

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