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NES High Score Club 3rd Season Week #6 - Tetris (Tengen)


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Old thread, I know.


This was ripped from the version developed by Alexey Pajitnov in Russia a long time before the game became popular.


By the time it hit the arcade scene Tengen was ready to port it.


Nintendo thought it best that THEY should hold the rights and sued. Ultimately, they won.


The Tengen version was a short run to say the least. These days, it's a rare cart and can fetch many times the value of a standard grey version.


The Nintendo version is easy compared to the Tengen one because the NES wasn't looking to eat up your money a quarter at a time.


Find an arcade version with the difficulty set higher than 0 and you'll find that getting past the first level can, at times, be impossible.


Funny thing is..... Pajitnov never made a single cent for his work in creating one of the most well-known games in history.... Something to do with government control ( I think, but not sure.)

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