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Haunted House II 3-D Winner!

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/features/contests/HauntedHouse/index.htmlJohn Swiderski has selected a label from Earl Green as the winning entry in the Haunted House II 3-D Label Contest. Earl will receive a copy of Haunted House II 3-D for his creation, and the label will adorn all copies of the game sold at this year's Classic Gaming Expo. Congratulations to Earl Green and thanks to everyone who submitted labels making this contest a huge success!
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Thanks gang...and here I thought I was just being silly by taking the "floating eyeballs" thing to its logical extreme. :D


That said...I'll fess up to the fact that I was sure Chris Johnson or the Hardestys' label designs were gonna get this one. There were a LOT of good entries in this one.

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Yeaahhh!!! Well done, Earl. That was a totally great label, really captures the spooky fun of the original! On reflection I think mine was less 'Haunted House' and more 'Evil peeled babies coming out of the fog at you to peel your eyes with their tiny knives':D

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Hi all!


Good choice, 't was one of my favs, too!


I sure hope that all the others, especially Efren (how you achieve such brilliance with MS-Paint(!!) all the time, is beyond me :) ), don't give up their efforts in upcoming contests. So much talent!




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