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well you have the attention of the c64 crowd, they have their own thread of the game at http://www.lemon64.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=25209


I guess they are jealous :twisted:


And I am jealous because on C64 they have this:





Not that this demo is sooo breathtaking but I liked the idea of porting an AMIGA demo to the C64. And all of the effects I believe can be done on our ATARIs as well (if not even better than on C64).





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Not really correct, in the thread on lemon I clearly said: "there are 886 bytes modified, which is 4430 extra cycles"
If you say.

But what command reads the content of a 16-Bit adress and copies the value into another 16-Bit adress within 5 CPU cycles?

The rendering routine, that does STA on Atari, on C64 would need to do two STAs, hence only 5 cycles extra per byte.


Am I wrong when assuming that it isn't as easy a setting an LDA $12, STA $d000 , STA $d010 ?

Am I wrong when assuming someone must use a counter for the memory cell to write to?

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And I am jealous because on C64 they have this:


Reminds me about the weird thing that on C64 "all is possible" even if there were used lightsourced fx without having the needed colours ;-)


Come on, emkay. Not everyone in the ATARI community is your enemy. :twisted:


In fact I agree with you that there are just more talented coders in the C64 world than in ours but we shouldn't blame the ATARI community for that because it is only caused of the fact that there are still more C64 users out there than ATARI users.


So I suppose that we have the same figures in percent users <-> coders as the C64 world but in lower quantities. :|


Apart from that I believe that the above mentioned demo could be done on ATARI easier than it has been on C64.





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Very interesting: some "known guy" makes a simple charset rotation, to compare it with the full graphics routine on the A8 game, and people congratulate him for the "solution" looking like Yoomp.

I'm not sure what you're talking about here - from what I know, Frohn's routine is real rendering, like on Atari, just a bit slower.

And he's using some interesting char-mode tricks to reduce the code size.



Hm.... After having a deeper look into the "Yoomp-Tunnel"....


You know the main difference?


Yoomp re-uses the code and it calculates the graphics for the whole tunnel.

Yoomptunnel re-uses the upper screen to mirror it at the lower screen. So the calculation is half, compared to the ATARI game.


You know, on the ATARI you can do similar. Just align the charset mirrored and switch Antic to display the charset upside down at the lower half of the tube. ;-)


It is much faster, but you cannot create a 360° tube with independent tiles.

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OK graphics, but crappy gameplay.


Also serves to show that the static tunnel (ie not rotating) as per the A8 is all the game needs.



But, pretty impressive for 4K.


Although you do have to consider that DirectX saves you a lot of programming trouble. Weeks of sweat on 8-bit machines cutting code to make efficient game engines and softsprite routines vs minutes on a Windows machine coding up a few API calls.

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So when should one expect the NTSC version to appear?



It's ready, really, and I hope we'll be able to release it soon. But it waits for something else, which is still a surprise.


About the Yoomp! 4K - haven't seen it, doesn't work on a Mac, but I'm happy someone tried it. Regrettably, it's not fr-87 or something ;)

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I've just come across the game Yoomp (here). I am totally blown away and completely addicted to it. It's absolutely amazing to see that this level of games programming is still being produced for the A8. Well done to the authors.

If you haven't seen this game yet, click on the link above and check it out, you won't be disappointed.


Any chance we will see these new games on cart for those of us who do not use emulation?



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Eru... you worked for M$ and are using a Mac? ;)
yup, I bought my first Mac while working for MS, to keep balance in the nature :)


Hm.... because someone doesn't like the Devil he chose to make a contract with the Anti-Christ?


A balance of the nature was to have a real alternative to Windows...

Or a cooperation of "old" ATARI + Commodore to have some 64 Bit Amiga today.

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  • 3 weeks later...
Thanks to Marcin I was able to enjoy Yoomp! in NTSC form at my retro gaming party I held last night.


Thanks very much, everyone loved it.


Here are some pictures from the party.




Thanks again!




You suck! I want my NTSC version of Yoomp! ;-) but no... nice photos, thanks for sharing :)

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Very nice pictures indeed. Looks very cool.


One thing... on your second picture you write: 1200XL, 130XE, 65Xe... but the computer on the right is the XE game system...






Good catch, not sure what I was thinking when I posted that. I may have been half asleep :)

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