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Why was this Prototype (Kung-Fu Master) so cheap?


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I have one that looks just like that. I'm pretty sure it's a real prototype, but mine is DOA. I also got mine cheap (about $15) a year or two ago. It came from a guy who had been selling a bunch of legit protos (NES4U I think) so I can't see why this one would be different. I can't be sure though since I've never seen another one like it.



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I have know, that Tempest own one too. So first I have think its the same, that someone used his picture. But after I looked on Tempest Prototype I have seen, that the white sticker is a bit diffrent.


And when Tempest say, that this is a Prototype, then I count this a one. :D :)


PS: Has someone try to open a normal Kung-Fu Master, to see how this one look? :?

If this is diffrent, then we know for sure. But when this is only a board like all others, then this is no Prototype.


@ Tempest

What is DOA? I don't know what you mean with this? :?

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DOA = Dead On Arrival... a medical term when the patient is not alive by the time the ambulance reached the hospital.


Also used to refer to a cart which fails to work when you get it...


Ok, thanks. I have think something like that. But not know exactly what it means.


I hope my game will work when it arrive. The seller has a picture from the screen, so it look like working. :)

Sorry for you Tempest, that yours not work. By normal games it not so bad, when you can get it easy again. But by Prototypes and Rare games it is very sad. :sad:


I have only some common games, which not work. But I can easy live with it.

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Wow, that is what I call a <ironic>"fast"</ironic> E-Mail. Today I get this mail from ebay.


You were outbid by this auction: Kung-Fu Master Atari 2600 System PROTOTYPE


Funny, this auction has end for 2 days. And now I get a mail, that I was overbid. Maybe tomorrow I get the mail, that I bid again on this item, and the next day later I must get a mail, that I have won.


PS: I still waiting for the mail from ebay, that I have won. :D

But I have already contact the seller.

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