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Boo hoo. I got scwewed!


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You can stop the search. THE MYSTERY IS SOLVED! Just one day after he ended this auction, this appeared on no other than AtariAge:



I have emailed him my intentions to pursue legal action. Now that I know he visits this site, I will be limiting my posts. Thanks to those who emailed me to help me piece this together.

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If this is in fact is the same person; they are shameless for posting that shiat here after he cheated you. :mad: :evil:


The person who bought those games obviously reads these boards. He/She should contact bloatedmonkey, and contribute information to help out. At least to be able to find out if it is in fact the same person.


If it is the same, the contact info would probably be very similar if not exactly the same.


Good Luck.

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my guess is that after he accepted bloatedmonkey's offer, someone else found quadrun in the listing and offered $500 for just three games. seller starts to wonder about if he's been offered much less for the lot than he could get just for those three games alone. he does a search and finds atariage and asks...how much for these three games with manuals. everyone pitches in, post pictures, makes offers and he ends up selling those three games for about $700.


he really should have just told bloatedmonkey...hmm after thinking about it, i changed my mind, here is your money back. still probably not completely legal, but would anyone start hiring lawyers over it at that point? now, the best you can probably hope for is that he will refund your money and you will return the games back to him, if you ever receive them. then he will relist the stuff on ebay. looks like there were still plenty of rare things like subterranea with docs, gravitar (my guess is it's the silver label variety since he had quadrun and crazy climber) w/docs...


anyone remember the squoosh prototype saga years back with john earney and jerry greiner? seems like law suits and lawyers were almost brought in there too.


any of the buyers that bought quadrun, crazy climber, waterworld, feel like the have bought stolen property (really, bloatedmonkey paid for them, they are his) and plan on turning them over to the police? come on, who bought them...it will all become public when this goes to court :D

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You can stop the search. THE MYSTERY IS SOLVED! Just one day after he ended this auction' date=' this appeared on no other than AtariAge:




Well, if the above mentioned thread is from the same guy who sold the items

on ebay I can say I was trying to strike a deal with him until he proved through

his own email he could not be trusted.

Here is how it went, I offered an amount for the three games when he received

this offer he then made me a counter offer which I agreed to but he then sent

me a email stating he had already accepted a higher offer from another collector.

I emailed him stating no problem and I was glad he got what he was looking for

amount wise, he then emails me back saying he sold them for 700.00 but if I could

offer more he would sell them to me, Right then I decided this was someone I could

not deal as he had already offered them to me at a lower price and if he had truly

agreed to sell them to another collector and was willing to now sell them to me for

more he most certainly could not be trusted.



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It's interesting that you mention a $700 offer, since he seems to have sold them all on the AtariAge site in two lots for $675. I wonder if anyone else got scammed. I've struck a deal with him for reparations, so I'm waiting for a check. I'll let you all know the rest of the story if and when it's over.

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Good News/Bad News.


I finally heard back from my lawyer friend.


The GOOD:--In short you can get a judgement against him in your state.

The BAD:--The court in his state may not inforce the judgement.


My friend does sugjest you do email him with the threat of a small claims suit, that alone may scare him.


Since this guy is dishonest he is probably not going to care if you try to sue him.

Sorry :sad: wish i had more positvie news.

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Actually, I was not intending to fight this through small claims court. I've been told that is more for disagreements, rather than fraud, and I agree it's difficult to collect across state lines in those cases. This would be more involved (and expensive) and deal with the Federal Deceptive Trade Practices Act. My understanding is that punitive damages can be collected in addition to actual damages, so it's a little more serious.


But like I said, we've hopefully avoided that with a settlement.

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To Bloatedmonkey;


Just to let you know, not all bad things have arisen over you recent problem......I am a small collector, who, soley from recognizing your name from this forum, have bid on a couple of your Ebay auctions!!!

From your obvious integrity, and from being a well respected Atariage member, I will continue to look at your auctions first and foremost!!!!

Best Regards, Julian Scott

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Here,s something you can do if someone rips you off on the internet.

If ya got his address tell him you will go to his place and break his legs with a baseball bat, send him some photo's of injured people as well.



Works 90% of the time, with a speedy resouloution to the problem.



might charge you for threatning him, in which case ya might have to visit him, Its amazing though how quick someone will realize the error of his ways when actually confronted .


might be a big biker who for some reasons collects atari games.

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