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Koffi: Yellow Kopter Kontest

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¡ Muy Excellente !


krisjohn, yeah it is pretty cool just to say you contributed to a 5200 game! I'm certainly happy :D


Cafeman.....are you sure that you didn't pick 19 winners just so 18 people would HAVE to buy the game when it came out?!?! LOL j/k... :)


cause' I'm going to buy one whether I end up in first place or not....


Great, great entries by all, I wanted to do some more but didn't have the time, luckily it worked out!


I really liked the upsidedown monkeys that J.Arensmeyer did, I just loved the simple representation of the face "turning", I mean its just a 4 pixel square! And that elephant (D.Crum) is great, real nice with the "weight" as its steps....

Cool stuff!


EDIT: typos...I think its time for bed



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Hey all, I still haven't decided the #1 winner yet, but I have been decoding your GIF images into bytes and typing them into Koffi's program. At the link above , scroll down to the Windy Vines level and you'll see a few pictures of how some of them are looking.


Once I have them all in Koffi, then I will decide on the first place winner, mmkay? Give me another day or two.

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A winner has been chosen! Is it you? Quick, click and find out! :)



Thanks to all who submitted animals, and congrats to those whose designs made it into Koffi: Yellow Kopter!


You will all need to email me at Cafegarcon@msn.com to tell me what name you wish to appear in Koffi's credits.


This contest and its results gave me many days of extra work in the game! so Koffi isn't done yet, but its getting close, more on that later!


Back to work I go ....

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