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New Lightning Fast Search Engine Installed


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I just installed a new search engine to replace the built-in Invision forum search engine. All searches should now pretty much be instantaneous, even ones that return a huge number of results (like, hmmm, "Atari"). You can also now perform two character searches, such as "Qb", which was not possible before. If anyone notices any oddness, please let me know. :)





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Can I curse here? The first words that came out of my mouth were "Holy Fuck!". This is great! Invision needs to buy this and make it pre-installed from every version now on.

Installing it requires a third-party program (the Sphinx search engine), which needs to be installed on the server the forum is running on. I could see Invision refining this (so that wildcards and the "OR" operator work properly) and possibly adding it as an option if you have the Sphinx module installed. But I doubt they'd ever make it the default search engine.



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