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Atari 2600 Moon Patrol Prototype and Atari 5200 Meteorites

Joystick Jolter

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Hi All,

I have up for auction on eBay:

Atari 2600 Moon Patrol Prototype



and an Atari 5200 Meteorites Eprom



an also an Atari 2600 Miner 2049er Press Kit



Thank you for your visits and bids.

Good luck to all.

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JOB??? :D I don't know if it was a job, it was more like the labor of love. I wrote and edited a video game newsletter called the "Joystick Jolter" in the early 80's. I also appeared on a local TV cable show weekly showing new video games. I graduated into the home computer phenomenon that had started in around 1983 and had a weekly TV show on CTN( a network that was shown on every cable system in the state of New Jersey. Well over a million homes.). It was one of the first of its kind. It was called the Home Computer Show(simple, but explanatory). Then came the crash of 1984 and I lost quite a bit of money and then interest, so I banged up everything. It was wild while it lasted. One thing I wish I had from that time that got lost in the shuffle was video tape of a 2 hour session I spent with Gary Kitchen. It would have been an amazing tape to have been able to show everyone. It was very candid and covered the videogame and computer industries. Maybe I'll write some more at a later date. I do have some interesting stories of those days. Including being one of the first outsiders to see the Amiga.



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I already had that Moon Patrol (it's really neat with a different shaped rover), and I was in a meeting when the Meteorites auction ended. I don't know if I would have bid on it anyway, I didn't want to go higher than $150. I wonder if its any different than the released version?



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I want to thank all the people who either bid or just checked out

my eBay lots. I especially thank the winners for their fine taste in

Atari games. I have started to put lots of videogame paperwork

now. These are things that you can get no where else. I haven't

seen more than a couple of pieces of any type of paperwork

except for catalogs and manuals. This is priceless to all collectors.

Image you having an actual letter from Atari, Activision or any of

the cartridge manufacturers releasing their game. Every one should

have at least 1. I'm starting most of the stuff at $9.99 and I'm sure

some of it will go for that money. This could in all honesty be the

last chance to get something like this. It's not like cartridges where

millions were made. These are things that were made in hundreds

with most being thrown away shortly after they were received. Once

more thank you, one and all for your time and efforts. GOOD LUCK





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nice auctions you have there... now, do u still having copies of your publication? I'd love to read about gaming in the '80s


I wish I had, but I lost all of it to a basement flood quite a few years

ago. I'm just happy most of my gaming stuff was in the attic. I am

still finding stuff in the attic so some day I may find some of the issues.

I found an old page that I scribbled all up with notes tucked into one of

my press releases so there may be hope to find more. Of course they

were not extremely detailed as this was a videogame newsletter and I

covered during that time, the Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Intellivision, the

Odyssey2, ColecoVision(when it came out) and the launch of the

Nintendo. A lot to cover in an 8 to 10 page newsletter. I'm hoping that

I can locate some of the issues to share. One of the people on one of

the Atari Age boards contacted me saying that he had read one of two

of the issues and had them, but couldn't find them. Oh well I guess as

with much of the type of gaming memorabilia I'm selling now on eBay,

when there are so few copies of something around and it is paper it is

easy for them to become almost one of a kind type items. I hope I

didn't get too long winded here, as that is a bad habit I have.




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