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People who do this........


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yeah. You know what I see a lot of on ebay about emulation. Is I see a disc of emulators and it says that it has a WORKING xbox, gamecube and ps2 emulator. Now I know there is a ps2 emulator in the works that can play like 1 demo but that's it. It's bad enough to sell emulators and roms, but to lie about the ability of the emulators is even worse.

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Well if you're asking me what's so bad about what i said is imagine this scenario:

Say I'm browsing on ebay looking for a gamecube for my son's birthday. I see this emulator cd and it says that it emulates Nintendo Gamecube perfectly. I order it and a few games from other auctions. It comes to me as a cd-r and it doesn't work. My son is very dissapointed and I'm stuck with these games I have nothing to do with except put them in a box in my basement. Also, that's false advertising in the auction. Plus many people are unfamiliar to emulation and the way the auction is written it sounds better than it is.

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ummmm... What's so wrong with that?


I cant be 100% sure but I would guess that this seller didnt write the emulator he's distributing. Thats the first wrong and then theres selling binaries which, no matter how old or out of date the system is, should be a definate no-no.


It may just be one of my pet hates but it really makes me want to commit violent crimes.



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What I see is anything to make a buck, which I find is wrong. If it's some great stuff they got a deal on, sure! That's where my signature comes in. I look for cheap stuff all the time to resell. But taking stuff that you can get on many websites for free, throwing it on a disk or cd, and then reselling it is really bad.





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Its not so bad if, for example, they are selling a number of patches on CD for people who are unable to download them. But if you look in the read me or licence of nearly any emulator there will be something like this (from Handy):


Permission to use, copy, and distribute Handy in its entirety, for non-commercial purposes, is hereby granted without fee, provided that this license information and copyright notice appear in all copies.

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