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ZOIKS! 30 bucks for Haunted House!

Joey Kay

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Hmm... a split jury so far...


This stuff is almost thirty year old and is really starting to get rare


Actually - this is barely 20 years old. I'm gonna watch Haunted House with interest on e-bay (there's one or two other ones in box) and see if it goes sky-high.


Well.. you figure Haunted House was about that price in the early 80's, and the majority of us payed exactly that amount for it (plus tax). So it isn't *that* steep. But yeah, for used goods that may be a little pricey


That is quite true about what we paid for it in the first place (or in my case what my folks paid for it for me when I was a kid).


I guess when consider that a lot of my Atari collection cost less than 5 bucks new in box (purchased after 1983), I just can't fathom spending 30 bucks on Haunted House... especially when I can find it any day of the week in any used goods store for a buck (albeit without the box).


The more I think about it the more I think the buyer ripped himself off...


If anybody thinks 30 bucks is a deal, I've got an offer you can't refuse on "Air-Sea Battle"! *NOW RARE* :P





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well let me know how those other auctions go as i will put mine up for auction if this is a trend ;)


but i think it was just a fluke and someone either got into a bidding war or really really really wanted this boxed game for some kind of completion of certain games

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well, some people really want certain items .... i knew a guy who was willing to spend 110$ for a shrinked pacman ..... it was the item he was dreaming about ..... no magicard, no mindlink, .... he just wanted to stare at an absolutely mint pacman box as he knew it from back in the days and be happy


so there's really no reason to freak out just because he spent 20$ to make a dream come true


i'm not seeing HH in box everyday, so if you would try to get it for only 5$, i'm pretty sure that you would be on ebay a few hours in total, before you would really win an auction for that price as long as there is still a demand for the game. well exept if you get a shitty copy with your first 5$ bid.


so see it that way: he payed him 15$ on top for getting that item he absolutely wanted. that might have been like 3-4$ an hour if he would have left a low bid and kept on searching .....


remember that for every high bid, you don't need just one "crazy" guy .... there's usually 1-2 others that are nearly bid as much ..... and many that would also bid if the actual bid ammount would be just a few dollars less ... it can take ages before you get your hands on certain games ...


only change to change that situation is to place a high ammount.


so beware that you don't start labeling the whole world as crazy ...




as long as these games will not be more expensive than they have costed back in the days, there's isn't really a reason to complain .... in a few years (after 27 years in germany) items are classified as real vintage antiquities and will move on to another stage. i'm sure prices will change ....


so a final word:


the more time is passing, the more the carts will be worth and cost more money. so get what you can, before you won't be able to afford it anymore


:wink: :!:

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Not to douse any flames on this great hobby, But prices will not neccesarily increase. There will be a time when somebody puts out an "official price guide" for the hobby, such as Beckett for sports cards. When this happens you will see more unity and consistency in the hobby.

Ive collected vintage sports cards for about 20 years, and when a company finally introduced an official guide, prices boomed for about 2 years,then levelled out for three. Finally a collapse happened ,and for about 5-10 years prices have been fairly level.(VINTAGE cards,not modern era).

One problem with Atari is supply vs demand. Supply is really very high..and demand is just starting to increase. That is why prices are so inconsistent right now. Nobody is really sure of the collecting body yet. Some people,(especially on Ebay),are panicked (or have been MADE to be panicked!) that supply is diminishing.....Probably not.

Even the most rare Atari games pop up with much more regularity than vintage sports cards selling for half the price. I am not disagreeing that there is not rare games.....Just not always as rare as people think.

I realize production runs are not always known, but that is the same for sportscards and comics. Once a general concensus is agreed upon approximate production runs, you will probably see more consistency.

My personal guess, is over the next few years,you will see extremely rare games increase a touch, but the really common ones will be "25 for a buck"(maybe a SLIGHT exaggeration!)

Please though, this is not neccessarily an endorsement of price guides, as they have there pros and cons(read earlier thoughts).

The last thing I will say though,is all of you collectors right now are in an interesting time period for your hobby, as a lot of decisions you make now(both financially and by "spreading the interest"), will decide the next twenty years of collecting.

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