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Thats a lot of pay for empty boxes.


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That's not that bad, considering some people (GUILTY), are concerned with the completeness of games whether it be for their own satisfaction, or to preserve them (as I do), so that items will be long remembered (something like that)...anyways, granted those games are common so it's fairly priced...but when it comes to some games (QUADRUN), where a complete copy will sell for what? $500-550? (Let me know if I'm off, haven't bought one in ages), but a cart w/ instructions will go for $300-350, technically, that box is worth around $200...so if I had a cart/instructions copy and I was worried about completeness, I'd have no problem shelling out $50-75 for an auctioned box for the game (it better be in damn good shape for that price but you understand)...theoretically I just saved $125-150 on that game...Which was the next point I was going to make...buying games in pieces DOES sometimes payoff, but not too often, especially the extremely rare.


OK OK, I psycho about completeness, I know I should be happy just owning the games, but something just doesn't sit right w/ me unless I have it all. :ponder:



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it's a very good price i think .....


tank command is extremely hard to get, i know so many people looking for it. i would probably easily reach 80-100$ on ebay ... and the box might double the price ....


you can even sell the other boxes again on ebay ... i'm sure it will bring you half of what you payed ....


so don't complain ;) that was a clever move!


you might get a full boxed tank command for a good price, since you only need to find the cart now



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