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Monkey Love

Lost Monkey

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Here is my WIP - "Monkey Love" - based on the "Fire" Game and Watch and the adaptation called "Puppy Love" in Earthworm Jim 2...


I have been working on getting this game out since 2002 - on and off, although more off than on, as I have hit many walls along the way -


I decided this past October to give it a shot using bB and am really impressed with the results to this point... kudos to Batari, you have made this project fun again...


The game has gone through many storyline changes over its development - the bouncing things have changed from bombs to babies to presents to monkeys...


Right now I have the bounce patterns set up, and am working at changing the sprites (these are actually the baby sprites from 2002) and setting up level patterns...


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This would make a good paddle game. I know it's a WIP, but I found a bug.


The game as it is just runs through the available patterns for an as yet undetermined "1st level" - it will always end with that dude stuck on the right side.



I realize not everyone has seen or played EWJ 2 so here is a clip of Puppy Love on YouTube




And here is a clip of the Game and Watch game that Puppy Love was based on:


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