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Just how much is Boulder Dash® worth to you?

I want Boulder Dash (R) so bad.  

130 members have voted

  1. 1. If exactly 200 numbered and signed Boulder Dash (R) carttridges were produced for the Atari 2600, with absolutely no more ever, ever, guaranteed... and no binary to be released.... and you wanted one... how much would you be willing to pay?

    • I'm cheap and would play the pirated binary only
    • up to $25
    • up to $50
    • up to $75
    • Heaps. As much as Tron Picture Cart costs, even! ($100)
    • big $ -- I'd pay $200

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I'm another one of the "Financially challenged", but I had to vote up to $50. I also know the time and effort put into a project, and how difficult it is to break even. I love Boulder Dash, and if this became a liscenced cart....I'd really like to have one. Of course, I have a seasonal job...so right now, I would be hard pressed to come up with the money....this spring, I'd probably be able to afford it.

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$50 is reasonable, but FWIW, I'd do $75. If it sold for more... it'd be hard to rationalize, but I could potentially do that too.

After all, this is something that's quite amazing for what it is. Since it has new video-stuff going on to make it work, I think its innovation would be worth the extra dollars.



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I voted to $50.


I have a dumb question--I read on the FSS site that they had released a limited edition 5200 edition of Boulder Dash. If someone got permission to use the rights for that, why has it been difficult to do so for a 2600 version? I feel like I'm missing part of the story...



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I'm confused here... is this a matter of paying for licensing the "Boulder Dash" name, paying for additional content for a "special" release, or just paying for the time you'd put into making the game?


I voted $25, but I could probably go higher than that... though anything over $40 strays into "too rich for my blood" territory, which is why I didn't choose $50 (technical marvel or not, there are plenty of Boulder Dash games out there on other systems). If there was a regular version for $25 and a special edition for $40, I'd almost certainly go for the $25 version even if the $40 had extra stuff.



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