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FS: Modded Xbox With 80GB HD


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I don't touch this thing any more, so I figure it's time to get rid of it. It's a Xbox modded with an Xecutor 2 chip and 80GB HDD. There's even a On/Off switch for the chip so you can still play on Live too. Also, the top Xbox jewel has been taken out and replaced with a clear one that says the previous owners gamertag on it. Beneath the jewel, the inside of the Xbox has been modded with green LED lights, so it lights up whenever you turn the system on.


System is LOADED with emulators: MAME, Playstation 1, NeoGeo, Daphne (laserdisc), Master System, SNES, Gameboy, ScummVM, Genesis, NES, TG-16, Atari, Commodore64, Stepmania (DDR) etc, etc, etc... You name it, I probably have it on there. Xbox Media Center is installed too, so you can network the Xbox to your PC and stream movies and music to it or just FTP it all to the hard drive if you want. And of course, you can rip your Xbox games (backups or originals) to the HDD and play them from there.


Asking $200 shipped. Comes with Monster s-video cable, power cord, and controller. If anyone wants to see pics, LMK and I'll try to get some up soon.

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