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Phillips G7000


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hehehe, well as long as you can be a little irrational from time to time, we'll get along just fine. If you believe logical operators apply to real life too, you'll quickly loose me  :D

(ich kann ziemlich irrational sein) && (glaube an gar nichts) ;)


Glaub' ich jedenfalls... :D

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Hey Dieter,


Let's not forget:  


V<insert crappy sound here>


:D :evil: :lol:  :ahoy:  






ccc--- stamps around a bit on Marco until he is flat as a sheet of paper, then slaps him around a bit with a G7200 console and finally forces Marco to eat a 2600 Jr. :twisted:

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Now now, we don't like that kind of violent behaviour on this board - you probably played too much Affenjagd  :D






Nono, Vidpik games are free of violence!!!


Oh, btw: <mappy> clogger was last on IRC channel #rgvc 27 days, 9 hours, 14 minutes ago.

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