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Where did all the "Li'l Pac-Man" games go?

Student Driver

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In 2001, Playskool released simple handheld games in a "My First Video Game" line, Li'l Hungry Hungry Hippos and Li'l Pac-Man. Both played the same-- slow Kaboom!-like games-- and the Li'l Pac-Man game featured sound effects from the original Pac-Man.


So, now, 2008, a friend had her first child, and the father is a huge video game fan. I joked that I'd find the newborn a Li'l Pac-Man for its first birthday, to help ease it into an early life of gaming. Problem is, I can't find one anywhere... and oddly enough, outside of a few references from 2001, no mention of it anywhere, either. None on eBay, even.


I recall that in 2001, they were in KMarts, and were reportedly seen in Big Lots! as well; did Playskool just make a few, test market them, and dump them at Big Lots! when they didn't sell? Did adult game fans pick them up and pack them away? Did children get them and destroy them all? What happened to all of the Li'l Pac-Men?

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My youngest niece was too young for these when they were first released, and when I went back the following xmas to look for them, they had evaporated. I don't know any kids of an appropriate age to buy this for now, but I'm still pretty curious. Thanks for the video.

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Just ran across mine in the closet. Having no good place for it since I moved I thought "I should just sell this."

Or I could just leave it sitting in the closet, annoying me every time I accidentally press a button on it and have to listen to it.

Or I could just leave it sitting in the closet and take the batteries out so it doesn't annoy me every time I accidentally press a button on it...

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if anyone finds one of these online, i would like to get it for my 5-month old nephew.. i would obviously wait until he was a bit older to pass it down, i would play it until then! :D

I'm pretty sure you'd tire of the game play before your 5 month old nephew was ready to play it.
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Wow, 2 years later the guy gets replies then nearly 3 years later :) Funny. Wonder if he ever ran across one in time for the kid's 1st birthday?

There's very little on the internet about "Li'l Pac Man". This thread is pretty much the most active discussion about this thing on the web. That's how I ended up commenting on this thread in the first place: trying to figure out if anybody collected them and what they might be worth. Edited by BigO
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Yeah, I know, it's still pretty funny to me. Seems hardly anyone knows about these things.

Agreed on both points.


They are apparently either fairly rare or so uninteresting that almost nobody puts them up for sale (or even talks about them) on the web.

I vote for rare...

and I vote for "rare" to "magically" equate to "valuable". :)

Edited by BigO
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