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Vectrex BASIC update

Jess Ragan

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Ever wonder what happened to Martijn Wenting and his ambitious operating system Vex OS? You can find out by clicking on this link. The OS includes a BASIC compiler that lets you create your own Vectrex games, although specific details about software distribution are fuzzy at the moment.

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Another update to the update. Matijn Wenting is making great progress with his Vectrex BASIC compiler, and has even published a command list on this site:




In a blog post dated January 18, 2008, Wenting claims that the "bare essentials" of the compiler are functioning properly, with frills like sound effects still giving him trouble. There's a pretty good chance that those issues have been ironed out in the four months since that post, so we should see an official release of Vectrex BASIC very soon.

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hi all,


thanks for the interest in the vectrexOS and its basic compiler.


i can confirm the basic compiler part is shaping up and could well be released as stand-alone if i desired.


However, i'd rather do some final work on the OS and release it properly in the near future. i expect a 2008 release.


Also, i'm building content for the vectrexOS.. Ideally i'd like to open up a website much like PSN store which will have monthly updated content for the VectrexOS like new songs, graphics/artwork, vector animations, basic games,etc.


So right now i've been laying low and cue-ing some content for VectrexOS .

For example i've been animating an episode of "La linea" (italian animation series) and creating a few simple basic games for the compiler (which are always good tests).


Also i worked on the releases Munckin+ for the Videopac+ (there are still a few copies left at the time of writing) and a slim/cheap version of Colorclash (colorclash slim) which adds a couple of features to the game (available soon).



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