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140 Combat Carts on Ebay in one lot. & A ton of other st


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The link to my ebay store is above, I just added a lot of 140 Combat Carts, Media Mail shipping is $12.00. Starting bid is $.01 no reserve. If it sells at $.01 then you have 140 Atari cases for homebrews or WHATEVER, for $12.01. That's about $.08 apiece including shipping. And I believe they're all in good shape, Most of the labels are fine, and I think NONE of the cases have cracks or chips, but I'm sure there are some in there. Do a search from my Ebay stuff for "140 Combat" or "Take them"


Also, As usual, I have about 700 other Atari, Intellivision, Nintendo, etc... games and items up for auction. I always combine shipping as long as one payment is sent!



Hey, It's ebay madness too :)

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8 cents each is still a little too high to pay for Combats. I understand the whole 1 cent thing, but the shipping is killer. Storing Combat isn't fun either. I think I have about 100 Combats currently. Though it is fun to see all the different variations of the labels. Some of those labels are rare, like of course the 01.


On a seperate note, I like the idea of bidding on Atari manuals that you offer. Thing is, I don't consider a catelog or warranty cards manuals. I see them in your pictures. Are these considered manuals to you? Please let me know.



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There usually aren't that many catalogs included in those auctions, I don't count the warranty cards, but I DO count the catalogs as long as they're all different and they're more than a couple pages.


I think out of the 9-10 manual auctions I have right now, only the "Misc." auction has more than 3-4 manuals.


EDIT: The Combat carts, I'm just hoping someone who does homebrews or someone who has a project for combat carts (Wallpaper or something) will want them, and $12.01 for 140 atari carts of ANY kind are worth it if you need the cases :)

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