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Boulder Dash® preorder list

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I don't mean to piss on the parade, but I never understood the needing a certain number cart thing.Isn't cart #1 the same game as cart# 200? To me it doesn't matter what number cart I have for a game

Indeed - all numbers are equally rare. That's not to say people don't have favorite numbers that they prefer in general. I'd take #0, if it were available. But if it were #0, would that cart actually exist? (So maybe... I already have it!)


I once bought a limited edition, numbered boxed-set. When I got it, I realized how silly the whole numbering thing was. Inside the lid, was a simple sticker with the number on it. The stickers were the things that were numbered - not the box. I could vividly picture some minimum-wager, sitting at the end of an assembly line, peeling off a sticker, and putting it on yet another randomly-selected box. From that point on, I decided it was kind of silly to desire particular numbers.


The kicker? The sticker was misspelled. It said "Limted Edition".


(I chose #27, because it will be far more valuable to another group of collectors. ;) )

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Damn! scmor92 beat to #50 by a few minutes! Damn slow Internet! :twisted:


I'll take #75


but I'll takwe any number as second choice if it comes to that. Also, if I understand correctly, $60 is NOT the official price for the game, it is just a ballpark amount. I'm sure it may change a bit depending on Andrew's total costs and the results of this order list. :)

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