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Gamma Attack


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Remember this year 2012. This is a very important year for one reason. This is the year the copyright protection on this game runs out. If a copyright is not renewed the first 29 years than it becomes public domain.

Huh? It's public domain already. It was likely never copyrighted in the first place. Either way, the company is long defunct and the person who we think programmed it is dead.

Um, if you look at the screen shot you will see the letter c with a circle around it. I pretty sure that means it's copyrighted. Also, just because the original copyright owner is dead doesn't mean no one owns it.

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And the question is put to you again. Do you REALLY think repros wouldnt popup and others would profit from this if it were released? I cant tell if you want a repro or not anymore but save your speech. You condemned it and have only yourself and others like you to blame. I am under NO obligation to just dole it out for others to make a profit from it. It will stay safe. With a "true collector". It will be put to good use. There was only one copy so I guess, there should be only one owner and youve made that incredibly clear to me. This has nothing to do with the almighty dollar, it has everthing to do with others profiting from it and any copy would be illegal, even a ROM dump and you cant have it both ways and you cant be on both sides of the issue. Save your speeches and go find your own rare game. This is over. Now go find something better to do.

I'm sorry to see that you've decided to go this route. What you have is obviously a unique game and the only one known to exist at this time. That you are going to hold it hostage from the classic gaming community because you are afraid of a few reproductions being made is unfortunate, and in my opinion, greedy and selfish. One of the reasons we founded AtariAge was to freely make available games like this. We've released many unique prototypes over the years, and when we've made reproductions of games (such as the UA prototypes) we released the binaries simultaneously if they weren't already available. Yes, some people may make copies of the game. Who cares? What you're doing is going completely against the grain of this website and the classic gaming community.


In my opinion your best course of action would be to arrange for a run of reproductions to be made. People here will buy them from you and you can sell a fair number of them that way (especially if you take care with the production and do a nice job with the label and manual, and sell them for a fair price). You can then release the game binary so everyone can enjoy it. Would you rather be remembered as one of those individuals who hoards a rare, one-of-a-kind find like this or someone who shares with the community? You can't let yourself be held hostage by the few bad apples out there.



Greedy and selfish???

Why is there no uproar for the collectors that you well know have similar items?

Why arent you posting the same thing about them not releasing their protos?

I tried to get everyone involved and all Ive got is grief for it.

I cant even try to put a thread to rest for while and rethink this whole thing without you coming in and saying Im greedy and selfish?

Do you have any protos that arent dumped yet?

I know there are many that do, where is that outrage?

Where is that Greedy and Selfish speech?

Youre 2nd paragraph was my original intention yet Im greedy and selfish?

Youve condoned it now so that should make it easier to deal with all this baloney about Lawyers and crap that Ive had to listen to the past few days?

Im told any Repro is illegal, any sharing of it is for that matter is in recent days.

I cant afford to play with Lawyers and I dont need the aggravation of hearing about them.

You're callin me greedy and selfish for attempting to originally do the same thing you just posted in paragraph 2?

No this is certainly not worth all this BS. Im not sure what to do with it after these past few days of baloney but I guess that makes me greedy and selfish because I need time to think and talk to people that have dealt with these things more often?


Where are all these other known protos at anyway that other collectors have?

Why are they not released? Where is that speech and outcry?

I intended to do exactly what you post in paragraph 2 yet I dont need to hear daily BS from all angles about how repros are a bad thing.

So now that it is your idea, that makes it ok? That somehow saves me from the lawyer BS?

And for the record, Ive never once worried about what was sold repro-wise after the initial run and the ROM was to be dumped just like you say. I dont know where this "Im worried about a few repros" keeps popping up. Im worried about the initial wants for repros and someone else making a profit from its intial release and what you said in paragraph 2 was my intention until the Lawyer crap and illegal crap came up. For you to call me names is offensive and unexpected, especially when you outlined in paragraph 2 what I intended to do here from the beginning and think having give aways and label contests would help the community be apart of the whole thing. This is all way to stressful for me and I need a break from it all. Thats all but then again, I guess that makes me selfish and greedy.

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Maybe I'm strange, I'm just glad I'm not the only one who feels like that.

Well, I certainly understand why Phantom feels the way he does, but I do agree with you that he seems to be taking extraordinary steps toward protecting the binary, lest Hozer slip out a few unauthorized repros. If the binary was to be released and Phantom was selling repros, I don't see what reason people would have to buy cheap Hozer junk. I might feel more sympathetic to Phantom protecting his 'investment' if he had won it on eBay for thousands of dollars, which is not the case. But hey, it's his game, not mine. As long as I get to play it, I don't care.

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