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Need Flashback2 controller pinouts

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I dunno if they're the same as regular CX-40s or not, but as I don't have that pinout either, I need the one for the fb2 controllers anyway. Mine don't work anymore for no apparent reason, I've used a screwdriver as a contact on the inside and can't get anything to move, so I imagine it must be the wires somewhere. Any help would be great.

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Okay, so, I have no idea. I get no connection from the black wire to the end of it (ground). The supposed white (up) wire connects from the plug to the up pad on the board. But it also connects to the orange wire? And it doesn't connect to the wire part, at least I get no reading from the white hole to the white soldered end. Does this make any sense?


I assume the ground is broken somewhere and that's my problem, but based on my other findings, I'm very confused.


I'm also gonna just give this controller up as dead, as I have no idea how to go about effectively replacing the wire.

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