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Ever wanted to make your own online tools for batari Basic? Now you can!

Random Terrain

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Have you ever wanted to make your own online tools where you'll be able to draw background graphics and sprites and have it print out the code on screen to copy and paste into a batari Basic program? Until now if you didn't know how to make online tools with JavaScript or Flash, it was nothing but a fantasy, but I just found out that it will be possible to make those tools using the upcoming Java version of Multimedia Fusion 2! Another piece of good news is that you won't have to buy the more expensive version for developers. The cheaper version of Multimedia Fusion 2 will be all you'll need.


You'll be able to have online tools to help you and others make Atari 2600 games faster and easier than ever before and then you can put your batari Basic games online for anyone to play using JStella.


If you have other game ideas that the Atari 2600 just can't handle, you can make those games using Multimedia Fusion 2 and put them online for people to play. Between Multimedia Fusion 2 and JStella, everyone with access to the Internet will be able to play your games online.


I'm going to buy the Java version of Multimedia Fusion 2 as soon as it is released and attempt to make some batari Basic tools, but don't let that stop you from making your own tools since your online tools might be better than mine.



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