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AA coverage at CGE?


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Last year, Atariage got some GREAT coverage at CGE, particularly from TechTV (which is how I found out about this place).


So is there any shot of a repeat? I'm POSITIVE that TechTV will cover the event again. Al, Alex, do you guys have any intention of getting back on TV? And if so, could you please let us know when that coverage might air???

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I'm POSITIVE that TechTV will cover the event again.


Good thing you're not a betting man. :)


Tech TV will not be there this year (some scheduling conflict). Keep an eye out for the new G4 network which will have 2 crews on hand.



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We didn't even talk to Tech TV at last year's show. We didn't even have a *booth* at last year's show! So we were as surprised as anyone else when they flashed AtariAge up on the screen at the end of their CGE segment last year.


If G4 is going to have two crews at this year's CGE, I would not be surprised if we end up on there. Unfortunately I don't get G4, although enough people I know do so I'll have to make sure they TiVo any CGE-related features. We'll have a large booth with lots going on, so hopefully we'll be able to attract their attention. :)



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